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El Diablo: Jury-selected award for macabre /cult-horror work and originality. 

The Pineapple: Jury-selected award for comical, slapstick works of humor and originality.

The Really Real Reel: Jury-selected prize featuring entries suited for documentary and reality-based film.

Don't see where your video fits in? Then you belong here!

Roller Skates on Fire: Jury-selected award celebrating open-genre breakthrough film and emerging artists.

All entries in every category will also be considered for:

The Optimus Maximus: Jury-selected award for visual excellence, technical skill and originality (1st place). 

The Crown of Queen Cthulu: Jury-selected 2nd place prize 

Unicorn of the Month: Jury-selected prize for outstanding performance by actors of any gender, AI, Voice or Video-Animated Performers.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions regarding categories or Laurels.

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